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Marquis Tree Service was founded by John Marquis in 1990. The company got it’s start as a lawn cutting service with a station wagon and two push style lawnmowers. It didn’t take long for John to realize that trees were his true passion and while still running the company John was fortunate to study at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture and the University of Massachusetts where he earned a two year degree in Arboriculture as well as a four year degree in Urban Forestry. Using his degrees and the help and support of his family and staff (some of whom are still employed at Marquis Tree Service today)  John was able to transition his business to a full service tree company.


In 2017 John promoted Dave Happ to Vice President and together they have expanded and improved the company tremendously. Marquis Tree is one of the largest tree service companies in the Boston area. In addition to over 75 pieces of highly specialized equipment, Marquis Tree Service employs over 30 full-time field workers, a full office and support staff, and multiple certified arborists. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal at Marquis Tree Service, and with the guidance and leadership of John and Dave it is not difficult to achieve!



At Marquis Tree Service we pride ourselves on reliability, communication, punctuality, teamwork, quality, and accuracy. In an industry that can be unpredictable you can count on us to complete the job safely, on time, and to the highest standards.


At Marquis Tree we strive too always better ourselves. Our crews train constantly to ensure that we are working as efficiently and more important safely as possible. At Marquis Tree Service we are always looking for ways to improve. We take your feedback seriously, and use it to ensure constant growth and improvement.


At Marquis Tree we don’t only take business growth seriously, but also the professional growth of our employees. Marquis Tree supports its employees through continuing education and training every step of the way. At Marquis Tree Service we strive to foster the careers of our employees, so they have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.


From the first contact, to final clean up, Marquis Tree strives to be your friendly, and courteous tree service company. You are an essential part of the process from the beginning to the end, and we promise to listen to your thoughts and concerns every step of the way.


Rest assured that honesty and integrity is what has shaped us into the company we are today. Our team of professionals will always be honest with you and work to guide you to the right decision for the health of your trees and your families enjoyment of your property.