Stump Grinding

Tree Stump Grinding & Removal Services

After a tree has been removed, Marquis Tree Service can safely and economically grind down the remaining stump to ground level. In addition to making your yard look beautiful, this reduces both the chances of someone tripping on the stump and the presence of destructive pests, such as termites and ants.


Tree limbs growing too close to a structure can:

  • Cause damage by rubbing against houses and buildings
  • Lead to decay, as sun cannot adequately dry wood and shingles after wet weather
  • Allow squirrels and other animals to enter your home
  • Interfere with overhead wires, leading to dangerous situations or interruptions in service


Pruning can lead to a healthier tree by:

  • Increasing structural stability through the removal of weak or crossing branches
  • Improving airflow between branches, allowing for better sunlight penetration and reducing the chances of damage during high winds
  • Enabling the tree to dry more quickly, making it less susceptible to insect attacks and fungal diseases


A tree can be made safer through reducing the weight of large limbs and removing dead and damaged branches that could fall into a yard or onto a home or car.

The Marquis Tree
Service Way

We have serviced thousands of families as well as businesses and municipalities in Massachusetts. Chances are, if you live in Burlington, MA, Concord, Bedford, Winchester, MA, Lexington, MA or anywhere in Middlesex County and the surrounding area, you know someone who is satisfied with the tree removal done by Marquis Tree Service.

Our services include: Tree Pruning, Tree Removal , Stump Grinding and Crane Assisted Tree Removal Service for large or hazardous tree removal.

At Marquis Tree Service our goal is to provide exceptional service. From the first contact to the final cleanup, we strive to provide a clean, safe and friendly experience. We have been an area leader in tree care and tree removal since we were established in 1993.

Our professional arborists
are ready to work for you.

—   Safe & professional Tree service
—   Well equipped and fully insured
—   Fair and economical pricing
—   Educated & experienced
—   Friendly & courteous
—   Certified Massachusetts Arborist

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Kind words from our clients

  • Becke Drake
    Thanks to the crew that did an amazing job removing 4 trees. The neighbors enjoyed watching the awesome skill in their work. And the crew left the yard clean. I highly recommend Marquis!
    Becke Drake
  • Anthony Modeski
    Unbelievable the crew worked with such presission I was impressed and when they left you didn’t even know they were there excellent
    Anthony Modeski
  • Bob
    We hired Marquis to take down our border trees and the job was incredibly quick, efficient and smooth. We were so pleased. It’s pleasure to recommend a company that completes the work as stated. Well done Marquis
  • Richard Lewis
    I used Marquis tree service and am very satisfied with the work you did for me. The workers were very skillful, professional and neat. I will definitely use Marquis in the future, and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for tree service! Thanks
    Richard Lewis
    Burlington, MA
  • Tracy Kelleher
    You guys are the best. We have many trees in our yard that you have maintained for us over the years. We love doing business with you. The crews are great, they do great work and the yard always looks good when you leave.
    Tracy Kelleher
    Lexington MA
  • Donna Wang
    We had Marquis removed about 20 trees in our front yard last week. We love them so much. The crews are very professional. The came in at about 8 am, worked straightly until 3:30 pm without much rest. They cleaned up streets and even our neighbors’ vicinity afterwards. Now we are waiting their team coming to grind the stumps. Their price is also very reasonable. We just love them. We recommended Marquis to everyone.
    Donna Wang
    Wakefield MA


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