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A leader in tree care and tree removal since 1993


Welcome to Marquis Tree Service, where we offer professional and cost-effective tree services for residential and commercial clients in Tewksbury, MA. Our team of skilled arborists has many years of experience providing various services, including tree removal, tree pruning, stump grinding, and crane-assisted tree removal.
We are committed to providing exceptional tree services at competitive rates, and we utilize the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that your trees are healthy, safe, and visually appealing. Our commitment to quality means prioritizing safety, environmental responsibility, and customer satisfaction in every job we undertake.
At Marquis Tree Service, we value excellent customer service as much as we do exceptional workmanship. We recognize that tree care can be a complex and daunting process, so we prioritize communication with our clients every step of the way.
Since our establishment in 1993, we have been a trusted and reputable tree care and removal services provider in Tewksbury, MA. We aim to deliver the best tree services tailored to our clients’ needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our top-quality tree services.

Tewksbury Tree Removal Service FAQs

Not always. Our arborists will assess the tree’s condition and recommend the best action. In some cases, pruning or other treatments may be sufficient to restore the tree’s health.

If a tree on your property is diseased or significantly damaged, tree removal may be necessary. Diseased or damaged trees pose various risks to the tree itself and the surrounding environment. Here’s why tree removal might be the right course of action:

1. Safety Concerns: A diseased or damaged tree can become unstable, increasing the risk of branches falling or the entire tree toppling. This poses a safety hazard to people, structures, and vehicles nearby.

2. Preventing Spread of Disease: If a tree is diseased, it may not recover, and the disease could spread to nearby healthy trees. Removing the diseased tree can prevent the further spread of the infection.

3. Aesthetic and Property Value: A sick or damaged tree can hurt the aesthetic appeal of your property. Removing it can enhance the overall look and value of your landscape.

4. Structural Integrity: Severe damage or disease can compromise the structural integrity of a tree, making it prone to breakage or collapse. This could result in extensive damage to property.

5. Pests and Insects: Diseased trees often attract pests and insects, which can further weaken the tree and potentially spread to other trees or plants.

Ensuring safety during tree removal is our top priority, and we follow a comprehensive approach to minimize risks and protect our team and your property. Here’s how we maintain a safe environment during tree removal:

1. Expertise and Training: Our team members are highly trained and experienced in tree removal procedures. They know industry standards and best practices for safe and efficient tree removal.

2. Proper Equipment: We use state-of-the-art equipment, including specialized tools, rigging, and climbing gear, to safely remove trees. Our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained for optimal performance and safety.

3. Site Assessment: Before beginning any tree removal job, we thoroughly assess the site. This involves evaluating the tree’s condition, proximity to structures, power lines, other potential hazards, and the terrain.

4. Planning and Execution: We develop a detailed plan for each removal, considering the tree’s size, location, and the best removal method. Our crew follows this plan meticulously to ensure safe execution.

5. Safety Gear: Our team members wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) during tree removal, including helmets, gloves, safety glasses, and harnesses. This helps prevent injuries and accidents.

6. Controlled Techniques: We use controlled techniques such as directional felling, rigging, and lowering to safely dismantle the tree in sections, ensuring that branches and trunk segments are lowered safely to the ground.

7. Communication: Effective communication among team members is crucial during tree removal. We maintain clear communication using hand signals and two-way radios to coordinate movements and actions.

8. Hazard Identification: We identify potential hazards, such as unstable branches, nearby structures, and power lines, and take appropriate measures to mitigate risks.

9. Rope Techniques: Our crew is trained in advanced rope techniques to safely lower heavy branches and sections of the tree to the ground, minimizing the risk of damage to property.

10. Post-Removal Cleanup: After removing the tree, we thoroughly clean the area to remove debris and wood chips, ensuring a safe and clear environment.

11. Ongoing Training: Our team regularly undergoes training to stay up-to-date with the latest safety protocols and techniques in the tree care industry.

Combining our knowledge, experience, and commitment to safety, we strive to make every tree removal project as safe as possible for our team, your property, and the surrounding environment. Our priority is to provide excellent service while ensuring the well-being of all parties involved.

Yes, we are fully licensed and insured in the tree care industry. Our commitment to professionalism and safety extends to having the necessary licensing and insurance to operate confidently and provide you with the highest level of service.
Our licensing is a testament to our dedication to industry standards and regulations. This ensures that we are well-prepared to carry out a wide range of tree care services, from tree trimming and pruning to tree removal. Our licensing reflects our expertise, knowledge, and commitment to serving the community and maintaining the health and beauty of your trees.
In addition to our licensing, we also prioritize insurance coverage. This is paramount in safeguarding both our team and your property in the event of any unforeseen incidents. Our insurance coverage provides peace of mind, knowing that you are protected in any unexpected situations that may arise during our work.
Whether it’s tree cabling, large branch removal, or any other tree care service, our licensed and insured professionals are well-prepared to handle the job with professionalism, dedication, and a commitment to safety. We take pride in our reputation for excellence and our mission to provide top-quality work while ensuring the well-being of our clients and their properties.

Yes, we understand that emergencies can happen anytime, and we are here to provide emergency tree services when you need them most. Our expertise in the tree care industry and our commitment to serving the community allow us to offer prompt and reliable emergency tree services to address unexpected situations.
Our team is equipped and ready to respond quickly, whether it’s a fallen tree due to a storm, a large branch threatening your property, or any other urgent tree-related issue. We prioritize your safety and the well-being of your property, and our professional crew is trained to handle emergencies with the utmost care and efficiency.
You can expect a rapid response when you reach out to us for emergency tree services. We will assess the situation on-site, provide expert guidance on the best course of action, and proceed to address the issue promptly. Our goal is to minimize the impact of the emergency on your property and restore safety and normalcy as soon as possible.
With our extensive knowledge of tree care, industry experience, and dedication to professionalism, you can trust us to handle your emergency tree service needs confidently. We take pride in being a reliable resource for our community, offering assistance during challenging times, and helping to maintain the health and safety of your trees and property.

The cost of tree removal services in Tewksbury is influenced by the tree’s size, health, location, and accessibility, as well as any special equipment needed for safe removal.

A tree service team ensures customer satisfaction by maintaining clear communication, adhering to safety best practices, and ensuring that the project meets the agreed-upon aesthetics and goals.

Mandatory safety precautions for tree services include the use of personal protective equipment, adherence to occupational health and safety regulations, and proper training in risk management and emergency procedures.

Tree service companies assess the risk and hazard of a diseased tree by examining the tree’s health, the presence of pests or disease, and the potential threat to property and personal safety.

Best practices for rigging during tree removal include using high-quality ropes and equipment, following established safety protocols, and employing skilled personnel to manage the complex dynamics of safely lowering large limbs.

Professional tree services estimate the cost by assessing the extent of infestation or disease, the size of the tree, accessibility, and any additional cleanup or treatment required.

Tree service companies train their employees in best practices through regular safety drills, educational programs on the latest safety regulations, and hands-on training with experienced supervisors.



Tree removal is the process of taking down a tree, including the root system, and removing it from the property. This service is typically required when a tree is dead, diseased, or poses a safety hazard.


Tree pruning is the process of removing dead, diseased, or overgrown branches from a tree in order to improve its health, appearance, and safety.


Stump grinding is the process of using specialized equipment to grind a tree stump down to below ground level. This is typically done after a tree has been removed in order to remove the remaining stump and make the area safer and more attractive.


Crane assisted tree removal is a method of removing a tree using a crane in conjunction with other specialized equipment. This method is typically used for larger trees that cannot be safely taken down using conventional methods, or for trees that are located in difficult-to-reach areas.


Land clearing service involves the removal of trees, brush, and other vegetation from a plot of land. This service is typically used for new construction, agriculture, or to create firebreaks. It may also include the removal of stumps, rocks, and other debris to prepare the land for further use.


Emergency tree services are critical when a fallen tree threatens your home or property, or poses a safety risk. Our team is available 24/7 to handle any tree-related emergency, including fallen or damaged trees, storm damage, or hazardous trees. We have the experience, tools, and expertise to assess the situation.




Angi Super Service Award Tewksbury, MA
Angi Super Service Award Tewksbury, MA
Angi Super Service Award Tewksbury, MA
Angi Super Service Award Tewksbury, MA
Angi Super Service Award Tewksbury, MA
Angi Super Service Award Tewksbury, MA
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